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Courageously Recover From Your Porn Addiction


What would it be like to replace pornography with real connection, freedom, and authenticity? You have been burdened with the pain of shame, isolation, and emptiness. There are parts of your story that are hard to look at. I am inviting you to know your story, claim the glory of that story, and use your story to pave a path out of addictive sexual behaviors.



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Know Your Story

Heal Your Nervous System

Honor Your Body

It is critical to understand your origin story to step into your authority to author the next chapter of your life.

As you metabolize unresolved pain from your story, you will rewire your neural pathways.

Through discerning the wisdom of your emotions, you will strike a peace between your faith and sexuality.

Here’s Why I’m On A Mission To Help Men Recover From Their Pornography Addiction

I have excavated a deep wound from my distant relationship with my dad. A subtle coping mechanism to win love from my mom. Chronic anxiety and humiliation as a child. An embarrassing fetish that confirmed my need to hide parts of myself. A confusing misalignment of my faith and my sexuality. Shame had me in a choke-hold.

I desperately craved porn, even though it hurt so much to keep it in my life. I tried porn accountability programs, which helped to reduce usage, but I would still drown in self-contempt when I relapsed.

Then I started to dig into my painful story. I started to notice how my self-sabotaging tendencies were connected to old wounds from my childhood. I started to give a voice to the emotions that I stuffed down for decades.

Today I Am Thankful To Help Others Recover From Their Sexual Addictions So They Too Can Know Real Freedom!

The real intimacy, connection, and delight I get to experience in my marriage, my calling, and brotherhood far surpasses anything porn tried to seduce me with.

I don’t want men to simply cut porn out of their lives. I want them to excavate its roots, understand their deepest longings, and heal their nervous system so freedom can be maintained.


Take the 5-Month Journey to Recovery From Porn Addiction

  • 21 weekly one-on-one storywork coaching calls
  • 21 reflective assignments
  • 18 video modules
  • Sexual Behavior Self Assessssment

Your History

Dig into your childhood wound stories. See the impact of your family of origin.  Sniff out the roots of shame and contempt.

Present Day

Listen to your lust to understand longings. Renew your relationship with your emotions. Learn how hijackers sabotage your life


Build practices to get your core needs met.  Create new styles of relating.  Utilize community to discover purpose.

Journeying with a Small Group

Interested in journeying with others?  Groups are intentionally small to foster plenty of time for you to explore your sexual story and practice new ways to engage relationships. You will experience new levels of being truly known, intimacy with others, and wholeness.

“This course is powerful and soul-stirring”

What Could Recovery From Porn Mean For You?

“I have successfully detoxed from porn and have multiple ways of filling that desire with God’s design of handling those emotions.”


"I Numb Out to Survive"

Through feeling and honoring your body’s emotions, you will create space for vitality and connection to arise.

"I Don't Know What to Do"

Through excavating your story, you will discover clarity within your identity and purpose.

"My Sexual Acting Out Is Out of Control"

Through listening to your lust and understanding the message it is telling you,  you will experience peace and build confidence in your self-control.

"I Can Hardly Look at Myself"

Through sniffing out where shame entered your story, you will free up your innate goodness and fall in love with the man in the mirror.

What Could Recovery From Unwanted Sexual Addiction Mean For You?

“I am grateful for one of the deepest healing and growth opportunities.  Also it’s amazing that such a program is even available.  I believe that this is a benefit of the age”


A Faith-Based Sexual Recovery Coach

A life that is free of porn is one of real intimacy and love.  It is seeing the beauty of your spouse without the distraction or destruction of porn. I work from a variety of coaching methods, but at the heart of my coaching is a love of God.

Courageous Men is a Christian Ministry helping rescue men from porn addiction

Helping Men to Faithfully and Courageously Face Their Unwanted Sexual Addictions

I am an Unwanted Guide.  Like you, I struggled with unwanted thoughts and behaviors.  I got caught in a cycle of shame, self-contempt, and loneliness.  By the grace of God, I have discovered freedom and vitality.  And I want to help you to Courageously redeem your own unwanted sexual addictions.

It Is Time For You To Bounce Back From Your Porn Addiction

“This made it much easier to bounce back whenever I feel down or anxious”


Porn Consumption is Linked to Loneliness and Low Esteem

Pornography is not a realistic depiction of sex. Men I coach pursue a holy and beautiful sex life; one that is way more fulfilling and delightful than watching sex on a screen.

I’m coaching men to step into their courage to break free from the harmful impact of a relationship with pornography.

If that’s you, let’s talk!

Porn Addiction Is Common For Men of All Ages and Coaching Can Help Them Recover

Imagine the weight of keeping a shameful secret.  It can be crushing, isolating, and lonely.  And yet, we know that men of all ages are holding on tightly to a secret addiction.

And the longer they hold on to it, the more they reinforce neural pathways for self-destructive behaviors that seek to taint the beauty of a fulfilling, wholesome marriage.

Addiction’s goal is to kill off hope. But recovery is possible and there is no shame in seeking help. I want to help you come out of the shadows and the secrecy.  I promise it will be worth it.


I'm Helping Men Recover From Pornography and Sexual Addictions

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